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Whether you are an experienced consultant, a job seeker, a retired person or an employed person willing to carry out freelance job overseas, EXPAT MANAGEMENT makes it possible for you to work for your clients and bill such jobs while keeping your status as an employee and all its associated advantages.

Are you busy negotiating an expatriate job with a French or foreign company yet willing to maximise your remuneration and taxation facilities, and furthermore keep a tailor-made French coverage in terms of social security?

EXPAT MANAGEMENT can assist you in doing so. The international salary management service of EXPAT MANAGEMENT meets these two-fold requirements according to the following very simple principle:


For example, let us say that you are preparing an overseas mission with a French or foreign company with whom you would be defining the terms and conditions of your expatriation (salary, per diem allowance, airplane tickets, expatriation costs, etc.).

EXPAT MANAGEMENT would then draw two separate contracts simultaneously, as per your negotiated terms and conditions of employment. Afterwards:

  • EXPAT MANAGEMENT would sign a commercial agreement with the company, thereafter referred to as the client
  • EXPAT MANAGEMENT would also sign an employment contract with you.

EXPAT MANAGEMENT would thereby become your employer thus managing your salary, your insurance and contributions to any relevant Social Security. Every month, EXPAT MANAGEMENT will invoice the “client” company.
Every month, EXPAT MANAGEMENT will send you a pay slip and transfer your salary to your bank account as per the currency of your choice.
Our international salary management service not only proposes numerous advantages to you but also to the company willing to work with you.

Do you wish to work as an expatriate by keeping your freedom as consultant and while under an employee’s status, EXPAT MANAGEMENT can assist you in achieving this. Our international salary management service enables you to develop your expatriate project without the need to create your own organisation.

Enjoy the flexibility of an employment contract with Expat Management Limited.


EXPAT MANAGEMENT agreements are regulated by the legislation of Mauritius. This grants flexible management similar to consultants, as follows:

  • Validity of the said agreement worldwide regardless of local legislation (outside the EU).
  • Consecutive renewals or interruption of the agreement with a capacity to adapt to the project agenda.
  • Worldwide insurance covers: illness, disability, death, repatriation 24 hours a day.
  • Management of your employment contract regardless of your age (should you be retired), your nationality or your social status (independent, freelance, employee).
  • Quick set up of your employment contract (within 24 hours in case of an urgent departure).
  • Confidentiality at all times.

You will optimise your remuneration with regards to the international salary management services

Should you wish to, we may also arrange your affiliation to some French schemes

  • Retirement schemes : with CFE (French social security contributions scheme), or Humanis Malakoff International Arrco - Agirc (applicable to French residents and French expats)
  • Unemployment scheme : GARP / Pole Emploi

which remain optional.
Due amounts will be clearly stipulated through a very simple calculation basis.

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Expat Management offers you

  • Bilingual speakers
  • Direct contact with your personal EXPAT MANAGEMENT contract Manager, who shall reply to all your queries with regards to your expatriation process.

Do not hesitate to contact that person, duly qualified to assist you.

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