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Given the expansion of overseas corporate missions, a great number of companies and individuals have focussed on the international market yet they must compete with companies and consultants from other countries.

The international salary management service proposed by EXPAT MANAGEMENT makes it possible to develop such projects with total peace of mind and to maximise one’s costs in such process to remain competitive.

EXPAT MANAGEMENT proposes tailor-made international salary management services. Since 1995 we have been developing partnership relationships with both our client companies and our consultants. After having studied your project thoroughly, we set the parameters of our partnership with the aim of maximising your revenues.

For your activity to develop at its own pace and as per its own structure; we modify our employment contracts to meet both your targets and concerns. Each of our clients (companies or consultants) benefit from our personalised follow-up service.

You have some questions ? Need Advice ? Contact us for a final quotation of your overseas mission.