health and insurance


Other than expatriated persons, only parties who fall within the scope of the insurance policy and whose participation is validated by EXPAT MANAGEMENT may qualify as beneficiaries.

The following insurance details are only for example and concern people under 60 years of age

Beneficiaries of the international health insurance scheme

In addition to the insured, the following beneficiaries of the insured are covered:

  • his dependent spouse as defined by French social security,
  • in the absence of a spouse and subject to a certification of concubinage, the concubine as defined by French social security,
  • his spouse or concubine exercising a professional activity, with the payments being applied in deduction against the social security coverage that the beneficiary might eventually be entitled to,
  • his children of less than 26 years of age who are pursuing secondary or advanced studies regardless of the countries, provided that they do not exercise a salaried activity.

Medical scheme

The coverage for medical costs is accessible to any expatriate under contract with EXPAT MANAGEMENT regardless of his nationality, age and place of assignment. The coverage is applicable to the entire world.

When the insured is affiliated with CFE medical cover, the EXPAT MANAGEMENT coverage is applicable after the coverage provided by this program.

  1. Hospitalization-surgery : 100% of actual costs (including the eventual standard hospital allowance).
  2. Hospitalization (medical - mental illness care - nervous disorder) : 100% of actual costs during the first 180 days (including the eventual standard hospital allowance).

    After 180 days: 80% of actual costs (including the eventual standard hospital allowance))

    individual room: € 103 per day (amount on January 1, 2024).

  3. Current medical expenses (excluding those defined below) : 90% of actual costs (consultations, medical prescriptions, etc.)

    Note: psychiatric treatment outside of hospitalization is not taken into account.

  4. Pregnancy and childbirth : 100% of actual costs up to € 762 at 85% of all cost above this (Maximum: € 3 658)

    In the event of surgical intervention, the costs are covered under the category "hospitalization-surgery".

  5. Dental care : 90% of actual costs up to € 1 028 per person and per year (amount on January 1, 2024).
  6. Orthopaedics and other prostheses
    70% of actual costs - Maximum: € 1219,59 per year.
  7. Optical costs : 90% of actual costs up to € 857 per year and per person for the entire category.

Temporary occupational disability (illness or accident during the period of the contract)
Deductible : 90 jours
Amount : 60 % of Reference salary
For a maximum of 731 days of sickness

Death & Full and Definitive Disability – all causes
Single, Widow, Divorced, Seperated, Without Children 100 % of Reference salary
Maried Without Children 200 % of Reference salary
Maried With Children 300 % of Reference salary

In case of Death or Full and Definitive Disability by accident the above amounts are doubled

Expat Management offers you the following services:

INTER PARTNER ASSISTANCE manages the assistance contracts for the EXPAT MANAGEMENT expatriates. This contract is valid 24 hours a day throughout the world. It covers the same persons as the beneficiaries defined for the sickness coverage.

Assistance in the event of sickness or injury of the beneficiary

Organization and payment of medical transportation/ repatriation of the beneficiary or beneficiaries in the event of illness or accident. Organization and payment of the round trip of a beneficiary accompanying the injured or sick party when this is necessary.

Organization and payment for the return to the country of residence after a medical transportation/repatriation.

Advance of medical and hospital costs up to € 30 500 taxes included maximum.

Assistance in the event of death

Organization and payment of transportation/ repatriation of the body of the beneficiary or beneficiaries.

Organization and payment of repatriation of the other family who are included in the coverage and are beneficiaries of such insurance.

Early return in the case of death of an immediate family member (spouse, mother, father, brother, sister, brother or sister in-law). Payment of roundtrip airline ticket in economy class or first class train ticket.

Coffin fees up to € 762.

Assistance in event of legal action of a beneficiary pursuant to a traffic accident

Advance of the amount of bail up to € 6 097including tax and the lawyer's fees up to € 762.

The above details are given for information only and don't have any legal value.

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